Hi! I am Raakhee Natha, the (accidental) founder of Forever After Foodies. Forever After Foodies started as a fun way for my husband and I to document our dining adventures in London. Now it's something totally different ...


My relationship with food reads like something out of a romance novel. It begins with a complete, utter lack of appreciation for the flavors, history, nutritional knowledge, and beauty of food. Despite growing up with a mom who was an exceptional cook who made truly nutritious food - I was the ignorant child who chose french fries and box pasta as my core meals. 

I only discovered and developed my relationship with food in my 30's. This after psycho-somatic weight challenges, several physical health issues, losing both my parents, moves across Europe, Asia, the USA, and Africa while trying to pursue my ambitions. Food, the ideas around pleasure, nourishment, and slowing down have been central to transforming my mindset, my lifestyle, my habits, my health, and my potential. I am in a place of peace, joy, health, and fulfillment as I have never truly known before.


Far too many of us struggle with food and body image, thanks to diet culture and toxic messaging, coupled with living in very complex and uncertain times. Extending everything I have learned into Forever After Foodies, was a very organic next step for me.

Just a few credentials because I know it matters: 

  • I have an M.S. (Journalism) from the University of Southern California and my Exec MBA.

  • I have over a decade of experience in behavior change in the corporate sphere with the NeuroLeadership Institute and Accenture where I was a corporate executive.

  • I have both a Brain-based Coaching (ICF Accredited) and NeuroLeadership Certificate, as well as specialized learning in Brain-based Facilitation.

  • I am currently studying through the Institute for the Psychology of Eating and will be a certified Mind Body Eating Coach in May 2022.


The Institute teaches two unique approaches – Dynamic Eating Psychology™ and Mind Body Nutrition™ that I utilize in work with couples, food lovers, and all clients. I love to craft strategies and solutions that pull from the areas of nutrition, neuroscience, and psychology with a focus on pleasure, nourishment, embodiment, relaxation, mindfulness, and spirituality. I work with my clients to uncover and resolve their harmful and unwanted eating patterns and behaviors (often interwoven with challenges in other areas such as purpose, finance, love).

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I love food, creating it and consuming it. That spans across many areas of interest and skill.


Baking and Patisserie

It started with one little cheesecake, then a 3-layer cake, then more buttercream techniques and now it's chocolate bonbons and vegan patisserie. Nothing can engross my attention or light me up like working on a cake or patisserie. My creations are currently just for family, but who knows what the future holds. I am self-taught but with full intention of learning under notable masters in the future.


Nutrition and Plant-based Food

In 2017 my body changed drastically. It's the year I lost my mom and the psycho-somatic effects appeared quickly. Eventually, all kinds of health issues came up for me. In 2018, a scary blood panel was my wake-up call. Since then, I have invested myself in learning nutritional facts and changing my dysfunctional food habits. I have achieved health that is externally visible and internally experienced every single day.


Psychology and Behavior Change

For someone who was immersed in this world in the corporate sector, it's shocking how much I could talk it (without walking it). Now, I am less about the theories (unless they are practical) and I am all about making real change in life. I understand the brain science, psychology, and behavior change so differently now, because I have to apply it and make it real. I can understand what the struggles truly are when it comes to habits and behavior change. 


Design, Planning & Styling

How things are organized and how they appear aesthetically, has always mattered to me. I custom-designed my bedroom curtains as a teen and now I love to host dinners that are a visual feast. I discovered how important it is that food is also planned, organized, and designed (to our unique, individual tastes and needs). This has been an important element of transforming what I eat, how it feels within, and how good my "food life" is.