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The best place to start changing your relationship with food is to UNLEARN. To unlearn diet culture, body hate, self-judgment, and fear of food. Food is your ally, it's the path. Through pleasure, embodiment, intuitive and mindful eating, you begin to transform your relationship with food. This is a path to reclaiming health on all levels (physical, mental, and spiritual health). 

When we TRANSFORM our relationship with food, we transform who we are to the core. There are so many layers to our intricate relationship with food and the psychology of eating. Transforming our relationship to food does take effort, patience, and sometimes temporary discomfort … but it can also be fun, liberating, and life-changing in all kinds of ways.

If you have struggled with dieting, body image, habit changes, or similar, you are done with shortcuts and our approach resonates with you - take the next step. Follow the link below to book a 45-min Complimentary Consult.
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Not ready to dive into anything deeper, but you want some information and guidance on behavior change, food habits, and connection to a like-minded community?

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We offer a safe space for all - all gender identities, races, sexual orientations, and ethnicities are welcome at Forever After Foodies.


Partners play an important role in supporting each other's relationship to food.

We love to help couples (ranging from newlyweds to those just bored by their routines) to change their food lifestyles and discover how food can be a powerful way for connection to self and connection to your partner.

We use a customized system to support couples, and therefore we have limited availability. Please join our mailing list to stay informed of our availability (don't worry, we will never spam you).


Learn more about our founder, Raakhee Natha, and what Forever After Foodies is all about, including pleasure, nourishment and slowing down.



Learn more about our specialized services in the areas of meal planning, changing food habits and food psychology.